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A day at the Rhine fall

Experience the Rheinfall up close and personal

Travel with BRUNNER VIP-DRIVER  to the Rheinfall

Europe's largest waterfall is not far from Zurich: the Rheinfall. It is one of the most breathtaking attractions in Switzerland and a must for travellers from all over the world. On a length of about 150 meters the water masses rush down the 23 meter high waterfall and inspire every visitor. A natural spectacle of a very special kind! 


Travel with BRUNNER VIP-DRIVER to the Rheinfall and spend a very special day with us. In addition to Schloss Laufen, the adventure trail, the viewing platform directly at the Rheinfall and the panorama lift, the boat trips to Schlössli Wörth are also a highlight. You can also take a boat trip to the rock in the middle of the Rheinfall, from where you have a first-class view of the Rhein basin, Schloss Laufen and Wörth little Castle - you can't get any closer to the Rheinfall.

Rheinfall excursion:

  • Transfer to Laufen Castle

  • Entrance tickets to the adventure trail included viewing platform and panorama lift

  • Boat tickets crossing Laufen Castle 

  • Transfer from Laufen Castle

  • Book your excursion here or contact us directly under +41 71 952 66 88.

Our offer includes:

  • Modern VIP-Vehicle

  • Transfer to Laufen Castle

  • Tickets for adventure trail, panorama lift and boat trip to the rock 

  • 5 hours service

Additional options:

  • Lunch at the Rheinfall

  • Sightseeing Schaffhausen

  • Sightseeing Stein am Rhein

  • Adventure park Rheinfall

  • Rhyfall-Express

  • Audioguide tour of the Rheinfall

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