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Experience history at Ballenberg Museum

History hands on – instead of just looking….

Experience Swiss history at open air museum Ballenberg!

In the heart of Switzerland lies the open air museum Ballenberg – one of Europe's most impressive open Air Museums. Spread over an area of 65 ha, history can actively be experienced. More than 100 old, original buildings from all over Switzerland are recreated in their original form, in every small detail, allowing an unprecedented impression of the history of Switzerland. Bread baking, cheese making, tiling, forge trade, tanning, weaving etc. are part of the experience to learn hands on about the old trades. A world without mobile phones and computers!! 

BRUNNER VIP-DRIVER accompanies you on a trip to the past, showing you the beauty of Switzerland on the way. Along Lake Lungernsee – across the Brunigpass you follow the river Aare to Lake Brienz and to the first stop at the breathtaking Giesbachfall – waterfalls. Enjoy the fantastic view from the Grandhotel Giesbach over a nice cup of coffee. Afterwards, a short ride takes you to Ballenberg, where you start your walk, slowly getting around the open air museum. There is so much to see! 4 restaurants in the area take care of you should you feel a little bit peckish. There are various activities for the little ones as well: Playgrounds and a small zoo to amuse your children. 

Ballenberg day- Excursion:

  • Transfer to the Giessbach Waterfall - via Brünigpass 

  • Stop at Grandhotel Giessbach

  • Continue to Ballenberg Museum

  • 3-4 Stunden visiting time at the Open Air Museum, with time for lunch

  • Transfer to Zurich

Book your excursion here or contact us directly under +41 71 952 66 88.

Our offer includes:

  • Modern VIP--Van

  • Transfer to Giessbach Waterfall

  • Continue to Ballenberg Museum includes ticket

  • Transfer to Zurich

  • 8 hours service

Additional possibilities:

  • Horse drawn carriage around Ballenberg Museum

  • Guide for Ballenberg Museum

  • Visit to Aareschlucht - Gorges

  • Sightseeing Thun

  • Sightseeing Lucerne

  • Visit to the St. Beatus Caves

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