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Mercedes V-Class long version with Driver

Driver service with Mercedes V-Class premium car

Travel with VIP-Premium VAN – safely and comfortably to your destination

VIP-Van - The Mercedes V-Class is the perfect VAN in the upper segment the perfect Van for your trip.


  • Extremely spacious

  • Leather interior and latest fleet

  • Rear seats can be positioned  in driving direction or face to face

Mercedes-Benz V-Class - The space-saver for your freedom of movement. Top equipped and exclusive. A vehicle that will inspire you. Of course with Four-wheel drive for you safety.

Additional information:

  • Black

  • Special: Separate climate control in the rear, leather, navigation.

  • Passengers: max. 6

  • Luggage: 6 suitcases / 6 carry-on

  • Four-wheel drive

Book  here or contact us directly at +41 71 952 66 88.

Mercedes V-Class Premium

Extra class. Mercedes VAN V-Class with integral safety concept. With this car you drive comfortably!

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