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Audi A8 long version with Driver

Driver service with Audi Premium vehicle

Travel with the VIP-Premium vehicle– safely and comfortably to your destination


VIP-Premium Class - Audi A8 long version is the epitome of the highest segment of premium vehicles.

  • Luxury Class

  • Reclining seat with massage function

  • Entertainment with digital TV in the rear


Audi A8 long-wheelbase version - Brilliant appearance - Space and luxury - sovereign and advanced security.

Additional information:

  • Black

  • Specials: climate control, leather, navigation, WIFI, Entertainment in the rear

  • Passangers: max. 3

  • Luggage: 2 suitcases / 1 carry-on

  • Four-wheel drive


Book here  or contact us directly at  +41 71 952 66 88.

Audi A8 long version

Starting from CHF. 150.- per hour*

Extra class: Audi A8, luxury limousines with special exclusive features. Our chauffeur will accompany you safely and comfortably on your journey!

*Re​quest price for more hours booking.

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